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It all started with a simple problem: I wanted to schedule a post to go out on Instagram — not immediately, but at a specific time in the future. This was not possible, and nobody seemed to be offering any solutions on the web, either.So, I built it. For me.Turns out — others had the same problem. What started with friends turned into small agencies. Global brands signed up alongside influencers, celebrities, ambassadors, politicians, my favourite bands and movie stars — it took off.It was wild.A few years in — Facebook threatens to sue, their infrastructure team is constantly playing cat and mouse with ever-increasing restrictions, a whole lot of drama begins. While we worked all of that out, eventually, Instagram (and Facebook) managed to build and offer scheduling on their own platforms. The expiry date was set.Which brings us to today. It's time to shut down. Finally.If you want to get a free account (or a free upgrade) on the next product we're building,
please, leave your e-mail below and we'll get you on the list.
Connect via LinkedIn, or Twitter. New things will be announced there, first.To all the lovely people who got something out of it, thank you.

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