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We actually publish to Instagram for you!
Instagram Publishing
For Agencies & Professionals
Upload your media and schedule a time — we do the rest.
We are not affiliated with any of the social media networks.

Social media is time-consuming. We make it efficient.

Post Anything
from Anywhere

Photos, videos — all your content is tunnelled through our connection, so you can post from anywhere you are — at the office or on-the-go. From macOS or Windows, and even Android or iOS. We do it all.

Fully-Automated Publishing

Publish to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (soon: LinkedIn and Pinterest). We support the most important social-media platforms, and we allow you to customise every post to fit each of the networks best.

Intelligent Analytics & Actionable Metrics

Actionable metrics, based on detailed recommendations. We look at the data, enrich it with our in-house intelligence and help you make the right decision, tailored to your specific audience. Day by day.

Post anything
from anywhere

Schedule months ahead, or make last-minute changes — in real-time. Our calendar gives you a weekly overview of what you have planned.

You simply drag photos or videos off your media pool right onto the calendar, type a caption and your post is scheduled.

Fully-automated publishing — Try our Pipeline COMING SOON

Simply fill the Pipeline
with all your content

Upload your photos and videos from your computer or a company media-pool like Dropbox

Configure Pipeline Settings

Fine-tune the frequency, or even block specific times where our intelligent Pipeline-algorithm isn't allowed to post

We publish it for you,
at the most effective time

We pick the best and most effective moments – exactly when your users are most likely to read and engage with your content

Intelligent Analytics & Actionable Metrics

Sharpen Your Content-Strategy

It can be hard to make effective decisions without the right data at hand. We track your posts, and help you understand the response.

Through simple visualisations, we highlight your user-engagement rates, sentiment and growth among many other metrics.

Straight-forward Pricing

Start with any plan you like, and simply upgrade as your business grows.
You can cancel at any time, it takes less than a minute.


starting at
per month
1 Instagram Account
1 Post Per Day
Online Support
1 Instagram Account


starting at
per month
Up to 10 Instagram Accounts
3 Posts Per Account Per Day
Share to Facebook and Twitter
Unlimited Analytics
Unlimited Seats
Status Notifications
Dedicated Account Manager
Feel free to contact us to discuss your pricing situation

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I also post to Twitter and Facebook?
Yes. Once an Instagram post goes live, we can automatically relay it to Twitter and Facebook for you.
Any plans to support other platforms?
Absolutely. We should have Pinterest and LinkedIn up and running very soon.
Can I upload videos as well?
Of course, you can even upload the longer 60-second videos for Instagram.
Is it possible to post a first comment, with hashtags?
Yes. A comment can be posted a minute after the post goes out, entirely automatically.
What's the minimum contract length?
You can cancel anytime. Click the button, and there won't be another bill from that very moment forward. We are happy to refund your most recent payment if things aren't working as expected.
Do you offer other pricing options?
Depends on your situation. Just send us your questions and details to help@busy.io and we'll try our best.
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