How it works

You might have noticed that there are not many Instagram publishing tools out there. This is unfortunate, especially for professionals. An expensive phone is required to post photos, a lot of manual work is involved, and passwords are scattered around everywhere at the office.

Absolutely nothing can be planned or scheduled in advance.

Why aren't there more services like this?

Instagram currently does not offer third-parties an interface to upload to their network. It's as simple as that. Twitter does, Facebook does, Pinterest does—not Instagram. This keeps all the other major social-media tools locked out. The only way to upload to Instagram is by using the official Instagram app. This is very time-consuming and that's why Hootsuite isn't offering it. Still, that is how we do it.

Our approach is exactly like you would do it

Unlike other services, we are not using or abusing any backdoors or other hacks. We are using the official Instagram application exclusively—just like you would. Always the latest available version, used and installed on real phones in a real location.

The phones are completely cleaned for each operation. Now, instead of a poor (lucky) social media intern — we use computers to simulate human interaction (it's not that cool, but it is pretty cool). By taking out the human element, it's becomes secure and: affordable.

Keep in mind: we are not here to automatically populate your account with funny photos. You need to schedule your content, we just publish it for you (at whatever time you've picked). Should you be planning to grow spam accounts, keep in mind that we'll report you immediately. We have zero tolerance for abuse and content that violates Instagram's community guidelines.

Will Instagram block my account?

If your content or behaviour violates Instagram's community guidelines, everything is possible. If you are a decent, smart professional, then you don't have to worry. We haven't had a single account disabled or blocked since we started almost two years ago. We're working with some of the largest brands there are, from car manufacturers to technology giants — from beauty salons to celebrities.

If you have questions, please ask our CEO directly, who is also a real person: